Belfast Chiropractor explains back pain timeline

Research Shows Spinal Issues Don't Recover Without Proper Care.

Itz, C.J. et al. (2013) Clinical course of non-specific low back pain: A systematic review of prospective cohort studies set in primary care. European Journal of Pain (17): 5-15

"The findings of this review indicate that the assumption that spontaneous recovery occurs in a large majority of low back pain patients is not justified. There should be more focus on intensive follow-up of patients who have not recovered within the first 3 months."

"The findings in this review are in stark contrast with current recommendations and guidelines for the treatment of patients with non-specific LBP, which are based on the assumption that in a large majority of patients spontaneous recovery occurs."

Important Ideas:

It is illogical to wait for back pain to just go away or to use medication to numb it. Similar to waiting for tooth pain to go away or to use pills to numb tooth pain.

If you are serious about recovering your health and function you need to address the cause of your back pain. You need to "fix the spinal cavities"; not simply try to numb the pain that its causing.

Ignoring the issue does not resolve it. Even if the pain temporarily goes away, the unresolved problem is still lurking in the tooth or spine. Unresolved issues get worse over time not better.

Important Take Home Points:

Evidence-based Chiropractors have always emphasized the fact that it is important to identify and address the cause of spinal is both illogical and unscientific to cover up the symptoms rather than fix problems and restore the patient's health and function.

The Chiropractic Research:

An important study illustrating the value of Chiropractic care for chronic low back pain patients was carried out at the University of Saskatchewan's Hospital Orthopedics Department by Dr. Kirkaldy-Willis, a world-renowned Orthopedic Surgeon.  300 subjects in the study were “totally disabled” by lower back pain, with pain present for an average of 7 years. All had gone through intensive, unsuccessful Medical treatment before participating in the study.

After 2 to 3 weeks of Chiropractic treatment, more than 80% of the patients had good to excellent results, reporting substantially increased mobility and decreased pain. After Chiropractic treatment, more than 70% were improved so much that they no longer suffered from work restrictions. Follow-up's a year later demonstrated that the changes after Chiropractic treatment were long-lasting. Even those with a narrowed spinal canal, generally considered the most challenging cases, showed a notable improvement.

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