Chiropractor in Belfast Helps Locals Alleviate Neck Pain Fast

Many scientific studies have been carried out on the benefits and efficacy of Chiropractic to treat back pain—so much so that many G.P’s frequently refer patients with back pain to Chiropractors for this service. But what about neck pain?

Although it’s taken longer to carry out the research, there is now substantial evidence to support that Chiropractic for neck pain is equally as effective as it is for low back pain in regards to improving quality of life, function and pain levels.

Multiple reviews and meta-analyses (studies that evaluate the research over a series of years) indicate that manipulation, mobilisation and exercise all work, but appear to give the best long-term benefits when used in combination with each other. This is what is provided to our patients at Balmoral Spine Clinic

In the acute and subacute stages of neck pain, studies show cervical manipulation is more effective than various combinations of pain killers, muscle relaxants, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for improving pain and function in both the short and intermediate term.

Studies show that thoracic or mid-back adjustments are also very helpful for patients with neck pain. Chiropractic approaches often include a combination of spinal manipulation, spinal mobilisation, manual cervical traction, deep tissue trigger point and active release forms of therapy.

As noted above, the inclusion of exercise yields the best long-term benefits, especially for chronic neck pain. There are many exercises your Doctor of Chiropractic can show you.

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    Dr. Jonathan Rice is a well-respected and trusted Doctor of Chiropractic with a private practice in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Founder and head Chiropractor at the Balmoral Spine Clinic, Dr. Rice is dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of health for his patients, through Chiropractic care, lifestyle changes and specific rehabilitation programs.